The 10 Best Cat Drinking Fountain

Like many cat owners, I love to spoil my cats. One way to do that is to get them a cat drinking fountain. However, these fountains do more than spoil your cat. They have health benefits, and can even help you take care of your cat when you aren’t home. Read on for the great benefits of these products.

The running water of cat drinking fountains encourages cats to drink more, and many have found that their cats do drink a lot more after they have purchased the fountain. Not only do all cats need lots of water, but if you have a cat that has kidney problems, cat drinking fountain providing plenty of water will help them too. The extra water prevents the formation of crystals in the urine and promotes kidney function. It also helps prevent bladder infections.

Stainless steel or ceramic may be a better kind of cat drinking fountain for cats that are prone to skin problems. They may also suit your decor better than the plastic models. Some models have a kind of ramp that the water flows down, while others have a spigot like output that mimics a running faucet.Many cats prefer the sound and freshness of water from a running faucet. While this may be cute, it can become a problem if your cat is always jumping on the counter or sink. Also, when your cat isn’t drinking, if you leave the faucet running, that wastes a lot of water. With a cat drinking fountain, this problem is eliminated because the water recirculates.

Cat drinking fountains contain filters that keep the water fresh and clear even as it’s pumped through the fountain. The filters are reusable for several weeks. It circulates water continuously, so picky cats won’t avoid the water bowl because of standing water. As the water circulates through the fountain, the water is aerated. This means air is added to the water from the motion of the fountain which also helps with the taste.

Many cat drinking fountains have submersible pumps that make them very quiet. This is better for the humans, and may help with those cats that don’t like the sound of running water. Drinkwell brand fountains also have an attachment that you can grow wheat grass in. Reviewers on Amazon suggest that you grow the seed before putting the grass in the fountain and assure that the seed pod holder attaches firmly to the fountain. Even with some of the problems, reviewers did say their cats loved the grass.

If you have multiple cats, you will want to switch out the cat drinking fountain for a larger one , or you will need to refill it more often. Or, look for a model that has a large bowl. Or, some fountains let cats get from any angle – not only is bigger, but more than one cat drink at a time.

Look for a model that comes apart completely for easy cleaning. While a replaceable motor is an advantage, many reviewers say their motor lasts for years. Flow rates are adjustable on some cat drinking fountains since some cats like a trickle, while others prefer more of a strong flow.

For an extra treat, especially in summer, add a few ice cubes to the water to cool it off. As the water circulates, it will get cooler faster than water in a regular bowl would. If your cat is used to ice cubes, the ice cubes in the water may also help encourage them to get used to the fountain.

The recirculating and filtered water cuts down on the instance of bacteria and other nasty stuff in your cat’s water. Also, if your cat goes outside, a cat drinking fountain encourages them to drink clean water inside instead of yucky water they may find in a pond or other standing water outside.

Adding water to cat drinking fountain can be done by putting more in the bowl or refilling the reservoir. This is helpful since it takes much less time to put more water into the bowl. You can then save refilling the reservoir for when you clean the fountain. Some fountains don’t have reservoirs, so they only get filled with putting water in the bowl.

A cat drinking fountain can be an important part of keeping your pets happy while you are away from home. You want to make sure that the fountain doesn’t run dry – a good reason to get a larger fountain or reservoir if you work long hours. Check out more details from our Cat Drinking Fountain Review.